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30 hours

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$ 399.00

4.5 (23)


Course Content


1. Automation Basics:

              Types of testings, Automation Life Cycle, Tools and Automatable Tests

2. Automation Approaches and Frameworks:

              Keyword driven, Data driven, TDD and BDD and Tools

3. Selenium and webDriverIO:

              Automation Tool Evaluation (Analysis), Design, Coding, Execution, Reporting, Java Script and Protractor

4. Project Setup:

              Download, Versions, Visual Studio Code, NodeJS, Prettier, Cucumber

              Installation of Packages, Dependencies and configuration

5. Elements and Assertions:

              Text, Eelements, Links

              Get Text, Attribute, Values

6. Elements and Browser Actions:

              webDriverIO Locators

              Input,Text and Buttons

              Checkbox, Dropdowns, Radio buttons and Select

              Mouse clicks

              Alerts, tabs and windows

              web Tables

              Sample AngularJS application with various html controls

7. Waits, Synchronous and Asynchronous, AngularJS Specific functions   

8. Taking screenshots

9. Automation Reporting, Running failed tests, custom reports

10. Cucumber and Protractor

11. Automation framework Implementation: End to end on sample application

12. CI/GitHub

13. Jenkins,Scrpts Execution and Cucumber Reporting



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