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25 hours

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$ 499.00

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 Azure DevOps

? What is Azure DevOps

? Version History

? Azure DevOps Features

? Azure DevOps Tools and Project Life Cycle

? Create DevOps Account

? Create Organization

? Create Project and Get Started

? Create Users and invite teams members


Azure Boards

? Introduction

? Working with Work Items

? Epic, Feature, User Story, Task, Bug and Test Cases

? Linking Items

? Collaborate with Team members

? Follow a Work Item

? Dashboards


Azure Repos, GitHub and GIT

? Version control using Git

? What is Git, Azure Repos and GitHub

? Install Git Locally

? Getting Started with Git Commands

? Updating to DevOps Repository

? Working with Branches

? Merging Branches

? Creating and Committing a Pull Request

? Undo Changes using Reset and Revert


Continuous Integration using Azure Build Pipelines

? About Azure DevOps Pipeline

? Understanding the Build Process

? Create a Pipeline using Classic Editor

? Enable Continuous Triggers for Build Pipeline

? Add a status badge to Repository

? Working with Task Groups

? Validate Pull Request based on Build Pipeline result


Continuous Deployment using Azure Pipelines

? What is Continuous Delivery

? Connecting to Azure Subscription

? Deploying App to App Service using Designer

? Multi-State Pipeline

? Working with Task Groups

? Deploying App to Virtual Machine

? Deploying App to App Service using YAML

? Add the deployment State to the pipeline

? Deploy Apps to Specific Environment


Azure Key Vault

? Introduction to Key Vault

? Secrets vs Keys

? How it Works

? Creating a Key Vault Service and Add Keys and Secrets


Working with SQL Database

? Creating a Database Project

? Database Deployment using DACPAC

? Deploying Database using SQL Scripts in Pipeline


IaC using ARM Templates

? About Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

? About ARM Templates

? Sample to Create Storage Account using ARM Template

? Deploy Templates using PowerShell

? Deploy Templates using Azure Portal

? Deploy Templates using Azure Pipeline

? Incremental and Complete Deployment

? Creating VM using ARM Template

? Create linked ARM Templates

? Creating Resource Group and Resources at Subscription Level


Azure Power Shell



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