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Course Content

Lecture 1: Introduction to Hana

  • What are existing types to landscapes?
  • What is DB in tradition systems?
  • What are the problems that we face in traditional data bases?
  • What is data redundancy?
  • What is technique used in Non -Hana data base
  • What is the technique used in sap s/4 Hana? (row and column)
  • What is Unicode and non Unicode systems?
  • What is the impact of non-Unicode system?
  • What is the advantage of Unicode over Non-Unicode system?
  • What is current version of Hana and when is Hana launched ?
  • Summary-
  • Quiz--

Lecture 2:First sight on SAP S/4 Hana Simple logistics

  • How to identify SAP S/4 Hana system?
  • What are versions the current and future versions in S/4 Hana and how do you know?
  • What are the deployment types available and what are they ?
  • Experience on SAP S/4 Hana?

Lecture 3:Transition process

  • What are the three types of transition process available in sap s/4 Hana simple logistics? what are they 
  • Interview  questions

Lecture 4: New implementation process

  • Define enterprise structure
  • Assign enterprise structure

Lecture 5: Business partner creation process

•What is customer master and  different approaches to create customer master-in ECC ERP 6.0

•What is vendor master and  different approaches to create vendor master-in ECC ERP 6.0

•what is delta changes in SAP S/4 Hana simple logistics?

•What is centralized way of creating customer/vendor/business partner

•Configuration of creation of Business roles

•Configuration of creation of Grouping

•Data Base tables related to Business partner

•How to configure same number ranges

•Interview questions

Lecture 6: Material Master delta changes

•What are the material master delta changes?

•Delta changes in foreign trade view?

•How do you extend Material length up to 40 characters?

Lecture 7: IM delta changes

•Execute procure to Post goods receipt

•Material ledger activation functionality configure

•Production live stock set up functionality

Lecture 8: New model to Build query -àPS model, PP model

•Se16h for Building query

•Se16h for table maintenance

Lecture 9: Output Management delta changes

•Nace Based output management

•What is BRF+?

•What is OPD ?

•How do you configure OPD -->

•What is the impact from ECC to SAP S/4 Hana simple logistics and what are the delta changes in Types of channels

•Interview questions --2

Lecture 10: Credit Management

  • What is sap credit management?
  • What is difference between ecccredit management and sap s/4 Hana credit management ?
  • Configure setup for credit management
  • Setup Business partner role in BP ?
  • Delta changes in credit checks
  • Configuration related credit management
  • How to block and remove block customer and obsolete transaction codes
  • Interview questions 

Lecture 11: Settlement management

•What is rebate?

•Where do you play rebates in ecc?

•What is settlement management? 5mins

•How do configure settlement management

•What are delta changes rebate vs. settlement management

•Interview questions

Lecture 12: Revenue recognization

  • Revenue Recognization delta changes

Lecture 13: Pricing

  • Delta changes in Access sequence
  • Delta changes in condition record table

Lecture 14; Advanced ATP

  • Advanced ATP process

Lecture 15:--> Other delta changes in SD

  • Delta changes in index and status tables in SD module

Lecture 16--> PP module

  • Delta changes in PP module

Lecture 17--> PS module

  • Obsolete transaction codes and CJ20N functionality

Lecture 18-Fiori

  • Introduction to Fiori
  • Integration between fiori and Gui
  • Managing tiles, create own group--5mins
  • Execute creation of sales order, purchase order
  • Design Background wallpapers and customizing personas
  • Work flow process
  • Role based concept

Lecture 19: Migration scenario or system conversion

•Introduction to system conversion

•Steps to start migration 

•Hard ware and software requirements to migrate

•5 Steps Process to system conversion

•Preparatory steps in conversion of Customer/Vendor Master to Business partner in ECC (  3parts)

Lecture 20: Landscape transformation

  • Steps to required to start landscape transformation


•What is activate methodology?

•ASAP VS Activate Methodology?

•Processing steps in Activate Methodology?

Interview questions

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