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20 Hours

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Java / Python Introduction

  • DataTypes
  • Looping Concepts
  • Conditional Statement
  • Concatenation Operator
  • Local & Global Variable
  • Static Variable
  • Object
  • Static & Non Static Concepts
  • Object Reference
  • Pass by Value
  • Pass by Reference
  • Constructor
  • Overloading
  • This Keyword
  • What is Class?
  • Polymorphism
  • Inheritance
  • Overriding
  • Final Class
  • Final Variable
  • Final Method
  • Interface
  • Abstraction
  • Encapsulation
  • ArrayList
  • HashTable
  • Collections
  • Convert DataTypes
  • String To Integer
  • Integer to String

Introduction to Webservices and API

  • What is WebService
  • Why we need Webservice based Architecture
  • Type Of WebServices
  • What is SOAP
  • What is REST Full Webservice
  • REST vs SOAP Webservice

Introduction and Basics of REST API

  • What is Client and Server in Webservice based Architecture
  • What is Request and Response
  • Type of HTTP response codes
  • What is REST API and why it is better than SOAP

REST API Rules and important terminology

  • What are the basic rules of REST API
  • What is URI
  • What is methods in REST api
  • Types of REST api methods- GET,POST,PUT,DELETE etc
  • When and Why we use these methods in REST api

API Testing Basics

  • Why we need api testing .
  • What we verify in API testing.
  • Way of performing API testing.

Introduction to JSON and XML

  • What is XML
  • What is JSON
  • How to Parse XML file
  • How to parse JSON file

Introduction to Rest-Assured API

  • Understanding Rest-Assured API
  • Making GET request using Rest_assured
  • Making POST request using Rest_assured
  • Making PUT request using Rest_assured
  • Making DELETE request using Rest_assured
  • Extracting response
  • Asserting status code from Response
  • Asserting response schema
  • Asserting Response body

Advance Features and framework designing with RestAssured

  • Introduction to TestNG
  • Framework designing with Rest-assured
  • Excel reader for Test data parsing
  • Integration of test data files with Framework
  • Running Test cases using testng.xml
  • Running Test Suite using Maven command
  • Framework design and implementation


Advance Reporting using Extent Report library

  • Introduction to Extent report
  • Basics of Extent report
  • Integration of Extent report with rest-assured framework
  • Generating Extent Report after Test Suite Run


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