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Course Content

Module 1 Implement Virtual Networking

Lesson 1: Virtual Networking 

Lesson 2: Virtual Network Peering 

Lesson 3: Implement VNet Peering 

Lesson 4: Module 1 Review Questions 


Module 2 Implement VMs for Windows and Linux

Lesson 1: Overview Running Linux and Windows VMs on Azure 

Lesson 2: Select Virtual Machine Size 

Lesson 3: Configure High Availability 

Lesson 4: Implement Azure Dedicated Hosts 

Lesson 5: Deploy and Configure Scale Sets 

Lesson 6: Configure Azure Disk Encryption 

Lesson 7: Module 2 Review Questions 


Module 3 Automate Deployment and Configuration of Resources

Lesson 1: Azure Resource Manager Templates 

Lesson 2: Save a Template for a VM

Lesson 3: Evaluate Location of New Resources 

Lesson 4: Configure a Virtual Hard Disk Template 

Lesson 5: Deploy from a Template 

Lesson 6: Create and Execute an Automation Runbook 

Lesson 7: Module 3 Review Questions 


Module 4: Implement Load Balancing and Network Security 

Lesson 1: Implement Azure Load Balancer 

Lesson 2: Implement an Application Gateway 

Lesson 3: Web Application Firewall 

Lesson 4: Implement Azure Firewall 

Lesson 5: Implement Azure Front Door 

Lesson 6: Implementing Azure Traffic Manager 

Lesson 7: Implement Network Security Groups and Application Security


Lesson 8: Implement Azure Bastion 

Lesson 9: Module 4 Review Questions 


Module 5: Implement Storage Accounts 

Lesson 1: Storage Accounts 

Lesson 2: Blob Storage 

Lesson 3: Storage Security 

Lesson 4: Managing Storage 

Lesson 5: Accessing Blobs and Queues using AAD 

Lesson 6: Configure Azure Storage Firewalls and Virtual Networks 

Lesson 7: Module 5 Review Questions 


Module 6: Implement Azure Active Directory 

Lesson 1: Overview of Azure Active Directory 

Lesson 2: Users and Groups 

Lesson 3: Domains and Custom Domains 

Lesson 4: Azure AD Identity Protection 

Lesson 5: Implement Conditional Access 

Lesson 6: Configure Fraud Alerts for MFA 

Lesson 7: Implement Bypass Options 

Lesson 8: Configure Trusted IPs 

Lesson 9: Configure Guest Users in Azure AD 

Lesson 10: Manage Multiple Directories 

Lesson 11: Module 6 Review Questions


Module 7: Implement and Manage Azure Governance Solutions 

Lesson 1: Create Management Groups, Subscriptions, and Resource


Lesson 2: Overview of Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) 

Lesson 3: Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) Roles 

Lesson 4: Azure AD Access Reviews 

Lesson 5: Implement and Configure an Azure Policy 

Lesson 6: Azure Blueprints 

Lesson 7: Lab 

Lesson 8: Module 7 Review Questions 


Module 8: Implement and Manage Hybrid Identities  Lesson 1: Install and Configure Azure AD Connect 

Lesson 2: Configure Password Sync and Password Writeback 

Lesson 3: Configure Azure AD Connect Health 

Lesson 4: Module 8 Review Questions 


Module 9: Manage Workloads in Azure 

Lesson 1: Migrate Workloads using Azure Migrate 

Lesson 2: VMware Agentless Migration 

Lesson 3: VMware Agent-Based Migration 

Lesson 4: Implement Azure Backup 

Lesson 5: Azure to Azure Site Recovery 

Lesson 6: Implement Azure Update Management 

Lesson 7: Lab 

Lesson 8: Module 9 Review Questions 


Module 10: Implement Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring 

Lesson 1: Azure Infrastructure Security Monitoring 

Lesson 2: Azure Monitor 

Lesson 3: Azure Workbooks 

Lesson 4: Azure Alerts 

Lesson 5: Log Analytics 

Lesson 6: Network Watcher 

Lesson 7: Azure Service Health 

Lesson 8: Monitor Azure Costs 

Lesson 9: Azure Application Insights 

Lesson 10: Unified Monitoring in Azure 

Lesson 11: Module 10 Review Questions


Module 11: Manage Security for Applications 

Lesson 1: Azure Key Vault 

Lesson 2: Azure Managed Identity 

Lesson 3: Module 11 Review Questions 


Module 12: Implement an Application Infrastructure  Lesson 1: Create and Configure Azure App Service 

Lesson 2: Create an App Service Web App for Containers 

Lesson 3: Create and Configure an App Service Plan 

Lesson 4: Configure Networking for an App Service 

Lesson 5: Create and Manage Deployment Slots 

Lesson 6: Implement Logic Apps 

Lesson 7: Implement Azure Functions 

Lesson 8: Labs 

Lesson 9: Module 12 Review Questions 


Module 13: Implement Container-Based Applications 

Lesson 1: Azure Container Instances 

Lesson 2: Configure Azure Kubernetes Service 

Lesson 3: Module 13 Review Questions 


Module 14: Implement NoSQL Databases 

Lesson 1: Configure Storage Account Tables 

Lesson 2: Select Appropriate CosmosDB APIs 

Lesson 3: Module 14 Review Questions 

Module 15: Implement Azure SQL Databases 

Lesson 1: Configure Azure SQL Database Settings 

Lesson 2: Implement Azure SQL Database Managed Instances 

Lesson 3: High-Availability and Azure SQL Database 

Lesson 4: Module 15 Review Questions  


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