Azure AZ-500 Security

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Module 1: Manage identity and access

Configure Azure Active Directory for workloads 

  • Create App Registration 
  • Configure App Registration permission scopes 
  •  Manage App Registration permission consent 
  •  Configure Multi-Factor Authentication settings 
  •  Manage Azure AD directory groups 
  •  Manage Azure AD users 
  •  Install and configure Azure AD Connect 
  •  Configure authentication methods 
  •  Implement Conditional Access policies 
  •  Configure Azure AD identity protection 
  • Configure Azure AD Privileged Identity Management 

  •  Monitor privileged access 
  •  Configure access reviews 
  •  Activate Privileged Identity Management 

Configure Azure tenant security 

  •  Transfer Azure subscriptions between Azure AD tenants 
  •   Manage API access to Azure subscriptions and resources       

Module 2: Implement platform protection 

Implement network security

  • Configure virtual network connectivity 
  • Configure network security groups (NSGs)
  • Create and configure azure firewall
  • Create and configure azure front door service 
  • Create and configure application security groups 
  • Configure remote access management
  • Configure baseline
  • Configure resource firewall 

Implement host security  

  • Configure endpoint security within the VM 
  • Configure VM security 
  • Harden VMs in Azure 
  • Configure system updates for VMs in Azure 
  • Configure baseline 

Configure container security  

  • Configure network 
  • Configure authentication 
  • Configure container isolation 
  • Configure AKS security 
  • Configure container registry 
  • Implement vulnerability management 

Implement Azure Resource management security  

  • Create Azure resource locks 
  • Manage resource group security 
  • Configure Azure policies 
  • Configure custom RBAC roles 
  • Configure subscription and resource permissions 

Module 3: Implement Manage security operations

Configure security services  

  • Configure Azure Monitor 
  • Configure diagnostic logging and log retention 
  • Configure vulnerability scanning 

Configure security policies  

  • Configure centralized policy management by using Security Center 
  • Configure azure ad domain services authentication for azure files 
  • Create and manage shared access signatures (SAS) 
  • Configure security for HDInsight 
  • Configure security for Cosmos DB 
  • Configure security for Azure Data Lake 

Configure encryption for data at rest

  • Implement Azure SQL Database Always Encrypted 
  • Configure Just in Time VM access by using Security Center 

Manage security alerts  

  • Create and customize alerts 
  • Review and respond to alerts and recommendations 
  • Configure a playbook for a security event by using security center 
  • Investigate escalated security incidents 

Module 4: Deploy Secure data and applications

Configure security policies to manage data  

  • Configure data classification 
  • Configure data retention 
  • Configure data sovereignty 

Configure security for data infrastructure  

  • Enable database authentication 
  • Enable database auditing 
  • Configure azure SQL database advanced threat protection 
  • Configure access control for storage accounts 
  • Configure key management for storage accounts 
  • Configure azure ad authentication for azure storage 
  • Implement database encryption 
  • Implement Storage Service Encryption 
  • Implement disk encryption 

Configure application security  

  • Configure SSL/TLS certs 
  • Configure Azure services to protect web apps 
  • Create an application security baseline 

Configure and manage Key Vault  

  • Manage access to Key Vault 
  • Manage permissions to secrets, certificates, and keys 
  • Configure RBAC usage in Azure Key Vault 
  • Manage certificates 
  • Manage secrets 
  • Configure key rotation 


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